Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

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Perimeter fencing represents the first obstacle encountered by an intruder whether he is a vandal, professional thief or highly trained terrorist. His primary objective is to get over or through the fence. The Product is designed specifically to protect all types of perimeter fencing from attack by cutting and climbing. This is currently protecting Airports, Prisons, Military Bases, Ancient Monuments and numerous commercial and industrial sites worldwide.

The system shall operate by means of a sensor cable, which is attached at a high level and a low level to forma loop on the perimeter fence. In the event of an intruder attempting to force entry, the vibration causedby the intrusion will be detected by the sensor cable and passed to the analyser. The analyser converts the vibrations into alarm and audio verification signals, which are sent back to the central control.





Powerful intruder deterrent which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or used as a stand-alone fence. The obvious physical presence of the fence with its bright yellow warning signs presents a potent front-line deterrent. Access to the premises can therefore be denied at the perimeter. As soon as an attempt to climb or cut the fence is made a safe, short, sharp, very unpleasant shock is felt resulting in a very effective deterrent. Any attempt to breach the fence generates an immediate alarm.





The system consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver unit. The transmitter generates a microwave beam in the X band creating an invisible but sensitive 3D volumetric protection zone. An intruder entering this zone will immediately be detected and an alarm will be generated. It will detect an intruder walking, running or crawling through the protected zone.