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While the Griffith Observatory is renowned for shedding light on the mysteries of our vast universe, people visiting this restored Los Angeles treasure will find it easy to navigate the steps and walking paths thanks to BEGA step lights.

This 1935 Art Deco masterpiece is often referred to as “the hood ornament of Los Angeles” by longtime observatory director Dr. Edwin (E.C.) Krupp. Frequently used as the backdrop for Hollywood films, the Griffith Observatory offers something unusual in Los Angeles – a genuine public area! The setting is so popular that regular public use wore it out, necessitating a five year closure so restoration could take place.

Two L.A. architectural firms, Pfeiffer Partners and Levin & Associates, collaborated on the preservation and expansion of the observatory. One of their primary goals, as well as restoring the building to its original grandeur, was to expand public space in order to enhance the visitor experience. Horton Lees Brogden of Los Angeles provided the stunning lighting design.