Dimmers and Lighting Control System Residential

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With a wide array of styles, colors, and control options, Lutron offers hundreds of choices in stand-alone dimmers and switches. Multiple designs and control openings compliment any décor and provide functionality for ambiance, convenience, and security meeting all of your lighting control needs. Energi Savr Node QS is a simple, programmable solution for controlling light and saving energy in any commercial space. Use Energi Savr Node QS to  connect DALI (digitally addressable lighting interface), 0-10v or switching ballasts to wired or wireless occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and controls for total light control.







Lutron solutions do more than just control the light in a space. With the right design strategies, they can save substantial amounts of energy, reduce operating costs, and improve productivity. This design guide will walk through the steps to create a GRAFIK Eye QS system for a conference room space like this one.





HomeWorks has been the leader in light control for luxury homeowners for over a decade. A HomeWorks system provides convenient, intelligent and sophisticated control of your home's lighting and shades, and can be integrated with security and audiovisual systems. In addition to enhancing your lifestyle, HomeWorks' Architectural and Designer style controls can also enhance your décor and complement your home. Centralized dimming panels can be used to provide control of multiple zones of light in a room or throughout your home from a single keypad.